Memorial Spaceflights

Francis J. (Frankie) Kerrigan

"All My Love: Justin XXX"
1949 - 2000

Here flies Frankie Kerrigan - an associate member of the human race. A teacher of life lessons and a collector of personalities. He was my guide, my mentor, my best friend, and is my forever-loving father.

Above all Frankie was a very, very funny man. A charmer, an entrepreneur, a hopeless romantic, and an escape artist who loved to have fun. Head bobbing, finger clicking funkadelic man of God, armed only with a walkman, a giggle and a unique vision of the world. His mission on earth - to be my undercover guardian angel.

Like a bolt of energy in my life, always unpredictable and full of surprises, he never met the world half way. From life in the fast lane to life in the bus lane, Frankie gave the world a new spin.

He was a man that convinced me that I could do anything and proved that he would do anything for me.

Frankie, the memories of you will always be cherished, forever missed by your Cardiff mates. You were too much for this world. Thank you for everything you did for me and continue to do. Our love is eternal.

Justin Kerrigan, son

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