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For the first time, Celestis DNATM affords the opportunity to celebrate a life with a Celestis Memorial Spaceflight...regardless of final disposition.

By extracting DNA from a non-invasive mouth swab - and preparing the sample for spaceflight - anyone’s complete unique genome can be launched into space.

Beyond Cremation Memorial Services

Since 1994, Celestis Memorial Spaceflights have been available to anyone choosing cremation as final disposition. Now, by selecting the Celestis DNA service, you may choose a Celestis Memorial Spaceflight for yourself or a loved one, regardless of final disposition choice. A memorial spaceflight option is no longer limited only to those choosing cremation.

Even more, the Celestis DNA service now extends affordable personal spaceflight options to the living, providing the means for all of us to make a very real journey to space, and even to elect off planet personal DNA storage. Fly as one or with family and friends on a personal voyage among the stars.

Services & Features

Celestis DNA is available on the same terms – including price – as our post cremation Memorial Spaceflight services.

Memorial spaceflight services for those not choosing cremation. The Celestis DNA service permits anyone to choose this option for yourself or a loved one, regardless of choice for final disposition.

Off planet DNA storage and preservation. Place your unique biological signature – your DNA – aboard a spacecraft that resides either on the moon or in deep space, permanently.

Home banking your heritage. The Celestis DNA service includes – at no extra cost – a DNA Memorial Home Banking Solution kit. Genetic Health, Inc. will provide a second DNA sample to your designated beneficiary permitting long term DNA storage at home. Ensure that your or a loved one’s genetic history is preserved and available for future analysis and assessment.

Option for interstellar migration. Combining the powerful tools of deep space radio transmission and digital DNA, the same Celestis team that conducted both Cosmic Calls plans to target stars with planetary systems and will offer you the option to beam your or a loved one’s unique DNA signature to distant galaxies, creating affordable, personal interstellar travel options for all of us.

Many theories suggest that life on Earth originated from interstellar DNA. Read about humanity’s efforts to return life’s signature to the stars.

Celestis DNA Memorial Spaceflight Service

Fly Your Genetic
Blueprint To The Stars

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Luna Service

Permanently store your DNA on the surface of the Moon.

Voyager Service

Permanently store your DNA aboard a spacecraft launched into deep space.

Earth Orbit Service

Launch your family DNA to Earth orbit

Earth Rise Service

Launch your DNA to space and back


You, or your funeral home will receive a Genetic Health DNA Memorial sampling kit in the mail. Read more

It might, however long term exposure to the space environment does not seem to destroy DNA. Read more

We have several launches scheduled yearly. Read more

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CELESTIS DNA …powered by Genetic Health, Inc.

Celestis has partnered with Genetic Health, Inc. of Canada - a recognized world leader in DNA collection and home storage for consumers - to produce Celestis DNA flight samples.  

The Genetic Health DNA Memorial home banking kit provides the perfect means for both preserving DNA for future generations (a complimentary home banking kit is included for each Celestis DNA participant) and for preparing DNA for a Memorial Spaceflight.  The Genetic Health proprietary process produces a flight ready substrate (powder) which contains the entire genome for each individual to be flown.

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