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Welcome to the Memorial Spaceflights Blog!  We post stories about our honored celebrants aboard upcoming missions, updates on future missions, and about the Celestis Memorial Spaceflight experience.

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Celestis chooses Moon Express as featured host for the Celestis Luna Service

Celestis has selected Moon Express, Inc. (MoonEx) to host the Luna 02 Mission, Celestis's second lunar memorial spaceflight. MoonEx recently announced it has received final approval from the United States government to conduct a commercial mission to the Moon.

Being one with the cosmos on an infinite journey among the stars

Celestis Memorial Spaceflights provide a meaningful way to fulfill the dream of spaceflight and to connect with the universe.

Celestis Memorial Spaceflights Cost Half as Much as Traditional Funerals

A Celestis memorial spaceflight is a unique opportunity to honor your loved one in a meaningful, beautiful, and surprisingly affordable way. Two of our memorial spaceflight services cost less than 1/2 of a traditional American funeral.

Astronauts and Celestis

Astronauts have played a vital role in the history of Celestis, inspiring Celestis personnel and families alike. Learn about the astronauts that have flown on Celestis Memorial Spaceflights or have spoken with Celestis families who attend our launches.

An eternal memorial among the stars to honor a remarkable life

Celestis Memorial Spaceflights enable you to embark on the ultimate adventure -- into deep space with the Celestis Voyager Service. Pre-arrange your own flight, or make a reservation now for a departed loved one.

The Celestis Launch Experience

There’s simply nothing like the excitement of seeing your loved one make the ultimate journey beyond the stars. When you choose a Celestis memorial spaceflight, you ensure your family will have a truly memorable funeral experience, whether you attend in person or participate via webcast.

The ultimate adventure ride

Celestis offers everyone the opportunity to commemorate a life with a unique, alternative, surprisingly affordable memorial -- a journey among the stars.

Celestis featured in alternative funeral museum exhibit in the Netherlands

The Cube Design Museum in the Netherlands is featuring Celestis Memorial Spaceflights in a new exhibit about death, alternative funerals and memorial services entitled "(Re)Design Death." Learn about this fascinating exhibition that highlights Celestis Memorial Spaceflights.

Son develops model of rocket used to fly his father into space with Celestis

A Celestis family member, inspired by the launch of his father into space last year on board a Celestis Memorial Spaceflight, has developed a model of the rocket used for the mission. Celestis now offers the model for sale through its website.

Aerospace Professionals on Celestis Memorial Spaceflights

Read the stories of three aerospace professionals whose families chose Celestis Memorial Spaceflights to commemorate their lives.

Celestis Honors Robert Goddard

Skeptics dismissed the father of modern rocket propulsion as the "Moon Man" who, despite his Ph.D., lacked knowledge of high school science. But Robert Goddard's work would prove his early 20th century critics wrong and he would come to be honored by NASA, Congress and Celestis.

Discussing Celestis With Your Family

If you're considering pre-arranging a Celestis Memorial Spaceflight, learn why it's important to discuss your final wishes with your loved ones and how to do it.

The Celestis Launch Manifest

View our list of upcoming Celestis memorial spaceflights.

Veterans Honored on Celestis Memorial Spaceflights

Many Celestis flight participants served their country in uniform. Celestis proudly serves veterans. In honor of Veterans Day, we invite you to learn about some of the vets we've flown.

Celestis in Pop Culture -- again!

Celestis has often appeared in the news media and popular culture. The company was recently featured in an HBO documentary about alternative ways people are celebrating lives that are coming to an end. Celestis will also be the subject of an exhibit in the Cube Design Museum in Holland.

Celestis Heritage Flight Launch in the News

The Celestis Heritage Flight launch was covered by a wide variety of news media organizations. This historic flight into Earth orbit generated news articles about Celestis, the launch itself, and some of the participants on board this Memorial Spaceflight.

Scattering Over the Banana River

For Celestis Memorial Spaceflights launched from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center or the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida, Celestis scatters the unflown balance of its participants cremated remains or DNA by air over the Banana River, which separates KSC from Cape Canaveral.

Voyager Service Update

Celestis is pleased to announce a new partnership with Xplore for our Voyager Memorial Spaceflight Service missions into deep space.

Transforming the way memorials are done

Forbes Africa reached out to Celestis CEO Charles Chafer for his perspective on the space industry.

Grief in the context of a Life Celebration: A Glimpse into An Alternative Funeral

Celestis Memorial Spaceflights as an alternative funeral service where loved ones grieve, but also celebrate the life of departed loved ones

Pre Arranging Your Celestis Memorial Spaceflight

Pre Arranging a Celestis space burial locks in the price and will bring your family peace of mind when the time comes to arrange a Celestis Memorial Spaceflight.

Celestis Memorial Spaceflights for Star Trek Fans: An Inspiring Memorial in the Final Frontier

As in Spock's funeral in Star Trek II, the song "Amazing Grace" is often performed by a bagpiper at the Celestis memorial service on the day prior to liftoff.

Celebrations of Life and Funeral Alternatives: Look to the Skies!

Celestis is one of the many funeral alternatives people around the world are choosing.

The Celestis Foundation

The Celestis Foundation supports the exploration and development of the final frontier, helping people on and off the planet.

A Tribute to Wende & James Doohan, and All Those Who Inspire Us

Celestis Ambassador Marc Lee honors Wende Doohan, her late husband James Doohan (Star Trek's "Mr. Scott") and all those who inspire us.

Celestis honors our American heroes

Celestis proudly presents two service members who made the ultimate sacrifice on behalf of their families and nation.

Sir Arthur’s Space Odyssey: How Arthur C. Clarke Became A Celestis DNA Participant

Celestis CEO and Co-Founder, Charles Chafer, describes his meeting with Arthur C. Clarke and how Celestis will fly Arthur C. Clarke's DNA to the Moon.

Celestis and the Bell X-1

The story of aerospace engineer and Celestis participant Benson Hamlin, the principal designer of the preliminary concept for the Bell X-1

Attending a Celestis Launch at Spaceport America

What it's like to attend a Celestis launch at Spaceport America, including a list of the many interesting tourist attractions in the spaceport area.

How Gene Roddenberry’s Ashes Were Launched Aboard the Celestis Founders Flight

The story of how three powerful women decided to celebrate Gene Roddenberry's life on board Space Shuttle Columbia, Celestis' Founders Flight and soon, together with Majel, they will fly into deep space.

The Heritage Flight to Earth Orbit

The Celestis Heritage memorial spaceflight will launch from historic Pad 39A at NASA's Kennedy Space Center – the same pad that sent Apollo astronauts to the Moon and the majority of space shuttles into Earth orbit.

Flying Your Loved One on the SpaceX Falcon Heavy

Learn how the world's most powerful rocket, the SpaceX Falcon Heavy, will launch the Celestis Heritage memorial spaceflight into a (minimum) five-year orbit around the Earth.

Celestis Supports the XPRIZE Foundation

One of the earliest charities to receive a Celestis Foundation grant was the Ansari X Prize, which was a space competition in which the X Prize Foundation offered a $10 million prize for the first non-government organization to launch a reusable crewed spacecraft into space twice within two weeks.

Kennedy Space Center Area Tourist Attractions

If you travel to Florida to view a Celestis memorial spaceflight launch, be sure to visit some of the many interesting tourist attractions near the Kennedy Space Center.

Surrey Engineers Reveal Details of Heritage Flight Satellite

On their exclusive tour of the Surrey Satellite Technology US facility in Englewood, Colorado, Celestis Heritage Flight families not only viewed the satellite that will carry their loved ones in Earth orbit, but also learned a great deal about the satellite itself.

Celestis families see their satellite

Families of those on board the Celestis Heritage Earth Orbit memorial spaceflight had the rare opportunity to view the satellite that will fly their loved ones in space.

Concerning Launch Schedules and Closure

Celestis' CEO discusses how Celestis chooses launch providers, the nature of launch countdowns, launch schedules and closure.

Countdown to Celestis 16 – The Heritage Flight

Reservations are still open for the Heritage Flight -- a memorial spaceflight that will fly from NASA's Kennedy Space Center on an incredibly powerful rocket into Earth orbit

Celestis Memorial Spaceflights are Environmentally Benign

Celestis memorial spaceflights do not contribute to light pollution nor add to the ever-growing number of objects accumulating in Earth orbit.

Would flying DNA to the stars harm ET?

The new Celestis DNA™ Service intentionally flies people’s DNA into space. Are such ‘Reverse Panspermia’ missions potentially harmful to extraterrestrial civilizations?

Reflections on the Founders Flight

Today marks the 20th anniversary of the Founders Flight, a space mission that grabbed the global public’s attention as the world’s first space funeral service.

Beautiful sites and fun activities in and around Lompoc, California

Tourist attractions in, and near, the city of Lompoc, California -- site of Celestis Memorial Spaceflight launches from Vandenberg AFB.

DNA and Space Travel

Many theories suggest that life on Earth originated from interstellar DNA. Here is a discussion about the relationship between DNA and space travel.

British Funeral Flights

Many British families have chosen Celestis funeral flights to commemorate the lives of their departed loved ones. Read about our British master distributor.

Celestis: Legacy of Trust, Experience and Fulfillment

With strong partnerships in the space industry and 16 successful flights to date, Celestis is by far the most trusted and experienced company in the Memorial Spaceflight industry. When you choose Celestis, you have a dependable partner who’s there for you at every step of the process. Whether you want to pre-arrange a Memorial Spaceflight for yourself or make the dream of spaceflight come true for a loved one, our team of seasoned professionals is ready to help you understand and choose the right mission, financing options, and logistical arrangements for you and your family.

People who have pre-arranged a Celestis Memorial Spaceflight

People who have pre-arranged a Celestis memorial spaceflight tell, in their own words, why they chose Celestis.

Astrobotic to host Celestis’ next lunar memorial spaceflight

Celestis has selected Astrobotic to host the Tranquility Mission, Celestis's second lunar memorial spaceflight.

Touring the New Mexico Space Trail

When attending a Celestis Memorial Spaceflight launch at Spaceport America, New Mexico, consider visiting some of the many interesting space-related sites on the New Mexico Space Trail.

Celestis Firsts

Celestis and its parent company, Space Services, Inc., have repeatedly led the way forward in humanity’s future in space.

Tribute to Jimmy

A tribute to James Doohan written by fellow Star Trek actor George Takei to commemorate Mr. Doohan's first Celestis memorial spaceflight.

The New Frontier Flight - Looking Back and Looking Forward

As we prepare for our upcoming launch into Earth orbit from NASA's Kennedy Space Center, we recall our 2012 flight from Cape Canaveral, The New Frontier Flight.

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