Memorial Spaceflights

Edwin Resto

"I’m not the man they think I am. I’m a rocket man."
1961 - 2008

Born in New York in 1961. Edwin spent most of his youth reading comic books, science fiction magazines and of course, watching Star Trek. Ed was fascinated with aviation. He’d spend his entire life drawing aircraft, designing spaceships and building models. His greatest dream was to pilot a rocket ship into outer space and visit other worlds.

Ed was an avid collector of toys, comics and models as well as replica props from movies and TV shows. He loved Halloween more than any adult in his right mind could. Halloween was his favorite day of the year. It was a chance for him to become a fighter pilot, Rocket man or Astronaut among many, many heroes as well. It was also an opportunity to showcase his amazing prop and costuming skills. Ed would spend days and sometimes months working on the perfect Halloween costume for himself and others!

Ed was a thoughtful, gentle, soft-spoken man with great passion for his art, hobbies and friends. He was easily the most thoughtful man I ever encountered in all my life and while I never took his friendship for granted it never struck me how much it actually had meant to me. We are all better people today for having known such a wonderful, good-natured and inspiring man.

Ed’s greatest dream was to live among the stars; now finally at peace he can do so forever.

Ed is survived by his brother John, sister Jacqueline and his mother, Aida. We love you.

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