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Jonathan James Metcalfe (JJ)

"Where we're going, we don't need - roads!"
1988 - 2013

JJ was born in High Wycombe, England in February 1988 - the first child of Karen and Bryan Metcalfe - and older brother to Richard, who was born in March 1991.

Diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis at the age of 4 months, JJ met all the challenges this would bring him throughout his 25 years, with courage, determination, dignity and humour. Indeed, he was a genuinely happy boy who enjoyed his short life to the full - he achieved so much, experienced so many things and laughed - how he laughed. He had so many friends, so many great friends -who he loved so much and loved him back just as much! His positive outlook was (and still is!) infectious, and he has inspired so many people.

He would not be defined by CF - he did not allow his condition to stop him doing the things he wanted to do! He was a keen festival goer and was always off somewhere with his mates - a bunch of them toured Europe in an old VW Camper (which they left behind when it broke down!) and he was a DJ at the Global Gathering music festival in 2008.

He loved music and enjoyed playing video games with friends - he was a keen collector of DC/Marvel comics and was always eager to catch the latest super-hero movie.

Fiercely independent, JJ lived with friends in London where he went to University to get his Degree in Sonic Media and ultimately get a job he loved with a 'cool' record label - Ninja Tune.

It was JJ's independence and determination to have a full and active life that led him to make the immensely brave decision to have a lung transplant - he was so looking forward to being able to travel the world! Sadly, when the day finally arrived in May 2013, the operation did not go well and he passed away a few days later without regaining consciousness.

We loved him so much - and he loved us just as much. He was the perfect son, the Idolized brother and the loving grandson and nephew. In fact everyone loved him - his friends especially! They presented us with a beautiful photographic 'Collection of Memories' with these words of introduction.

Jonathan J Metcalfe

"From those who loved and cared about you dearly.

You will be missed more than you could have imagined"

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