Memorial Spaceflights

Micah Couch

1984 - 2017

It’s impossible to summarize everything that was Micah. But I can tell you that he was extraordinary and so was the life he made for himself. Despite what challenges he may have faced he stayed true to who he was and what he wanted. Everything was full speed ahead, no holding back. Micah was a force of energy, with an infectious smile and hugs that took the wind out of you.  A wild temper to balance his kind and loving nature, Micah was passionate and it showed in every aspect of his life.
From Micah’s Mom & Grandma

From the time he was able to crawl he was very interested in figuring things out, he noticed everything and he heard everything. I felt like I could almost see his young brain interacting with the world around him, constantly engaged. He was always trying something new, climbing onto the roof of the house and taking his siblings with him.  

From a young age, he knew what he wanted to be: a professional skydiver and he did whatever he needed to do to achieve that goal. Along the way he never changed who he was on the inside:  kind, loving, passionate about justice and always inclusive.  I loved him for who he was from the first moment I saw him until the day he died - a passionate friend, colleague, role model, son, brother, husband and father.

From Micah’s dad
Micah Couch was my son yet he was so much more than that and I’m very proud to be his dad.

To know Micah was to love him. He was a genuine soul with a huge heart that he opened to everyone he met. He had a gift for working with children and they were naturally drawn to him and his approachable nature. Micah lived his life to the fullest and personified what it means to pursue your dreams.

Skydiving became Micah’s passion and his life's work. He was an amazingly gifted flyer who saw endless possibilities in each jump. The pure joy that he exuded was contagious.

As devastating as it is to know that his life was cut way too short, it can never be said that that kid didn't live. He leaves an insatiable hole in our family and our lives.

Until we meet again.
From Micah’s Sister on behalf of his siblings

Our family will never be quite the same and our hearts will never fully heal but it’s because the Love for him was Deep. Not a day goes by that I don’t hear a wind chime and think of him or see the sunset and think of him. Like children do, mine would always ask Micah what his favorite color was. To which he responded,
“You know when the sun sets, and you can see the sky turn that Bright Orange with a touch of Pink? That, That Color of Orange is My Favorite Color.” So whenever you see the Sunset, those ones that take up the Whole Sky and seem to last forever, Remember Micah
Remember his Love for Life
Remember his Deep Love for Shayni and his family
Remember his Passion for the sky and flying
Remember his smile and his Laugh
And as Micah would say - keep Being Awesome Guys- Love You- Peace!

From his Friends  

Amongst the rest of the space dust around here you will find a being that on earth was known as Micah Couch.

He was a dreamer, a believer and an explorer of the possible. He liked to laugh a lot, especially when people told him he couldn’t do something.

He had an insatiable talent in the world of Skydiving and B.A.S.E Jumping, and lived for it in almost every step he took. But beyond that he was a passionate man, Had a wife with the earth name Shayni that shared love as much as two beings could, and left behind a son Lincoln that he never got to meet, but given the chance would have ran like lions and tigers all over the world to make positive influence in peoples lives for sure! Admittedly sometimes his passion got the best of him, so if for some reason you decide to use this dust to bring about a being like him again beware you will definitely get a handful! But man it’s worth it, don’t hesitate. He didn’t.

From his wife
Micah and I would joke that skydiving would always be his first love. I was ok with that. I loved this quality in him, so passionate! It certainly was a huge part of his life but it didn’t define who he was; he was so much more than that.

Everything you read here is true and some. I could sit and write pages on why Micah was an EPIC human. Instead I am going to live my life in a way that honors him. Raise our son to be a force of nature, create a legacy he would be proud of and choose happiness. No body is perfect, but he was incredibly special. I am grateful for EVERY moment. I loved him for everything that he was, unconditional. And I will continue to love him, forever, no matter what.

To Space!

Aiming big was the only option for Micah and he wanted to go to space! Actually, not JUST space, he wanted to go to the moon. He should have been more specific about how he got there, but here we are!  
To our dear friend Latifa, thank you for making this dream come true.

To Dave Reader and Grandpa Jim - always in good company

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