Memorial Spaceflights

Shirley Smith

"Together forever"
1933 - 1996

Shirley was born in Waterloo, Iowa. She expressed interest in music at an early age and became an accomplished violinist. She studied music at the University of Texas at El Paso, playing with the university orchestra. She was also a popular model for various photographers in Texas, gracing the cover of the university's magazine The El Burro. Shirley worked as an accountant/bookkeeper for various organizations throughout her life. She was the mother of five children and grandmother of one - she loved her children above all else.

Although she had interests in reading, hiking, and dancing, music was her most beloved pastime. She especially loved the symphony and opera. Ms. Smith was an avid reader, enjoying the likes of Keats and Shelly, and was interested in books on the Middle Ages. She recently re-entered college and excelled in creative writing.

Shirley's interest in space began with her children's fascination with science fiction and the paranormal which developed into a sincere respect for space and the universe.

Shirley was extremely youthful and open-minded. Although she was raised as a Christian, she turned towards eastern philosophies in later life. She is survived by five children: Jeannie, Susie, Joseph, John and Denise.


As I walk through your house after your death, the senses of my body feel your presence.

When I close my eyes and envision you, the harmony of your soft voice resounds the songs of my childhood.

I see your glorious being and watch your subtle movements; admiring the grace your hands display as they gesture while you speak to me.

When I reply to you, your image disappears and I am left alone in the remoteness of a disquieted mind, a mind that evokes a labyrinth of scattered thoughts and profound emotions. Conversely, your image does not yield loneliness and sadness, but it bestows inner strength and motivation.

Over the years, you have been a good friend and a nurturing parent. From you, I have learned patience and understanding, respect of one's self and love. You have been the foundation of who I am, and what I will become . . . . Your death will never take these values from me, for it has re-established your role in my life. To me, your body has died, but the essence of your being will always live in my heart and through my actions...

-- Denise Marie Funk

Cast Away Your Yesterdays And Think About Tomorrow. 
There'll Never Rhyme or Reason Be For Clinging To Your Sorrow.
--Shirley Smith

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