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Horizon Flight

Orbit our home planet on our most popular memorial spaceflight service

About The Horizon Flight

A mission of purpose, a dream fulfilled.

Launch Experience

Witness the power and grandeur of a launch into space.

Honored Participants

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Image of Earth from the International Space Station

Horizon Flight Details

Mission Status: Closed for reservations

Honor the dream and memory of your departed loved one aboard the next Earth Orbit Service spaceflight. This Earth Orbit service includes

  • Personal flight capsule launched to Earth orbit aboard a commercial rocket.
  • Invitation to attend the launch and view from a preferred location.*
  • Attendance at the non-sectarian, pre-launch memorial service where you can share memories of your loved one.
  • Unable to travel to see the launch? No problem. Watch the memorial service and the launch live, via webcast. 
  • Service performance is guaranteed.


* Launch dates are subject to change.

Horizon Flight

Starting at $4,995

Remaining space aboard this flight is limited.

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About the Horizon Flight

For someone who always loved space, longed to journey among the stars, or simply found peace and tranquility in the evening sky, orbiting Earth aboard a Celestis spacecraft is a truly befitting way to celebrate and remember a life.  

Join families from around the world at the launch of the Horizon Flight for the ultimate mission of purpose.

Earth Orbit Service #8

Celestis Memorial Spaceflight: #17
Mission Name: Horizon Flight
Mission Status: Closed for reservations
Launch Location: Cape Canaveral, Florida
Launch Date: Mid-December through the end of January

Launch Experience

The Celestis Horizon Flight will launch your loved one into Earth Orbit, fulfilling the dreams of spaceflight of all those on board this space burial mission. Once launched, you can track the Horizon Flight as it joins other Celestis memorial spaceflights currently orbiting Earth. You will have the chance to share stories about your loved one, to make new friends, and to witness the power and grandeur of a launch into space: It is an experience you will cherish for years. If you cannot attend in person, you can view the proceedings live, via webcast. This will be Celestis’ eighth Earth Orbit space burial.

Memorial Service
Attend the Horizon Flight memorial service, an event that brings together people from all over the world who share thoughts and remembrances of the loved ones on board.
Local Sightseeing
See the launch pad from which your loved one will journey into space and other local attractions.
Launch Day
"Three, two, one, we have liftoff!" Experience the power and emotion of liftoff as the rocket launches, carrying your loved one aboard.

Spaceflight Industries

Celestis has contracted with Spaceflight Industries of Seattle, Washington to fly the Horizon Flight into Earth orbit. Spaceflight Industries is a premier launch services and mission management provider, offering routine, cost-effective access to space.

Honored Participants


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Horizon Flight Mission Logo

The Horizon Flight fulfills the dreams of spaceflight for Celestis participants with a flight among the stars in orbit around the Earth. From the vantage point of their satellite one will always see the horizon of Earth, set against the spectacular vista of outer space. The eight stars in the logo represent Celestis' eight Earth Orbit missions, including the Horizon Flight.

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