Memorial Spaceflights

Dale Richard Cook

"SPHB, Pops, Dad, Dale: You lit our lives like the moon & glow in our hearts forever."
1958 - 2012

Dale was born in Chicago (the son of Wallace and Patricia [Stanner] Cook) and raised in Brookfield, Illinois. He graduated in 1977 from Riverside-Brookfield High School. While there he participated in football, baseball, wrestling and making lifelong friends. He was also active in Boy Scouts at this time and attained Eagle Scout rank. Some of his fondest memories are when he worked in the commissary at Camp Mach.

He began his career as an electrical engineer in Aurora, Illinois and eventually ended up in Chicago, putting in over 25 years total in the industry. Consequently, many buildings in Chicago and its suburbs have his signature on their electrical/lighting systems. After many years of hard work he was finally awarded a Bachelor's and Master's Degree in Electrical Engineering.

His hobbies included cooking, golfing, playing guitar and figuring out new ways to be the best husband, father, brother and friend. The most rewarding hobby for Dale was woodworking/carpentry, and his finest achievement was designing and building our cottage in Missouri. Oh how he loved a challenge.

He was always intrigued with the heavenly skies -- be it flying with friends in their private plane, going up in a hot air balloon or howling at the moon. And if there was a prize for watching Apollo 13 the most times, he would win hands down.

Dale was a wonderful man and the legacy he leaves behind will last forever:

Husband to Cherryl (Rorie)

Father to John and Patti

Stepfather to Chad Foor

Grandfather to Julia

Father in law to Angie and Erin

Brother to Ed, Tim, Bobby and Judy

Brother in law to Sandi, Debbie, Linda, George Paps, Bob and Jim Rorie

Uncle to Ryan, Sammy, Erik, Corey, Sarah (Cook) and Rob, Kyle and Sam (Rorie)

Son of Wally and Pat, Stepson to Sharon

First husband to Susan Shotola

Friend to ALL

Written by his wife, Cherryl

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