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Duncan McCulloch

"May The Blessings Be."
1938 - 2005

Duncan McCulloch was born September 11, 1938 to Melita Morley McCulloch and Samuel McCulloch in Workington, England.

He left school at 14. His father died so Duncan quit his formal schooling and went to work in the coal mines to help support his mother and younger brother. He studied mining engineering in his spare time. At 21, he left the coal mines and worked for the National Electric Board and changed his major to electrical engineering.

Duncan emigrated to America in 1969 and worked for the New Jersey Power and Light Company.

In 1973, Duncan found the teachings of ECKANKAR. He learned that each person is a divine being who comes to life on Earth with a spiritual purpose. Lifetime after lifetime, Soul grows in love and grace, ultimately to become a co-worker with God. A lifetime is a precious gift, an opportunity for spiritual growth and service to others.

Most of all, life brings Soul the purity of love, compassion, and grace. Each of us travels a path of spiritual unfoldment, only partly visible to others. This is the secret inner side of life, our private communication with God. Birth and death mark the journey of Soul. The translation from one stage of experience to another is but a further step on Soul's journey home to God.

Duncan is Soul: an eternal individual spark of God, who can never die, but who has left this arena for a new one.

In 1980, Duncan was ordained as an ECK Cleric and shortly thereafter moved his family to the Tri-Cities to work at the Hanford Works in the electrical utilities department. His final position was in the electrical dispatch center. He retired in October 2000 and spent his remaining years enjoying extensive world travel.

He is survived by his wife Margaret; daughters, Heather Ortiz and Claire McCulloch; nine grandchildren, Heather, Lauren, David, John and Gordon McCulloch of Pittsburgh, PA, Logan Craig, Mason and Jaxon Ortiz of Pasco, and Avery Elizabeth McCulloch-Hutton of Richland. He also is survived by many cousins, nieces and nephews in America, England, New Zealand and Australia.

Duncan was well-loved by all.

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