Memorial Spaceflights

Hector Filiberto Albizurez

"Superman is returning to the stars..."
1948 - 2020

Hector was born and raised in Guatemala. He always shared heartwarming and entertaining stories about his childhood and siblings. He was a proud man, who was proud of his heritage. Guatemala and its memories remained in his heart forever. He then ventured to a new world, full of endless possibilities. Chicago was where these new memories would ensue.

Hector had a love for cars, music, movies, and sports. It was rare to not find him under the hood of a car, listening to a game or music, while enjoying a nice cold beer. He was a simple man, but his humor and smile were infectious. All who crossed his path were welcomed by his sunny disposition, and fell in love with him instantly. He was a man who was never too busy, or unwilling to lend a hand to anyone who needed him. No challenge or obstacle in life deterred Hector.

He referred to his wife as his lottery ticket for happiness, his son was his hero, and his daughter was his heart. Hector was a devoted father and husband, with the heart of an Angel. His compassion and generosity were cherished and beloved by those who hold him dear.

May our Superman Rest in Peace, and take his place amongst the stars.

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