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Larry Thomas Blume

"Watch over us we love you"
1955 - 2005

Larry was born in Seattle, Washington and was adopted and moved to Salem, Oregon when he was four years old. He is survived by his father Ronald S. Blume and was preceded in death by his mother Phyllis Brewster in 1967. Larry graduated from South Salem High School in 1973 and was proud to be a Thespian.

Larry loved his job as a ‘computer nerd’ for the Secretary of State’s office and was sad to leave when his health no longer allowed him to carry on. In his healthier days he enjoyed camping, boating and the hearty beauty of the outdoors. As his strength waned he spent more time with his computer, photography, good DVD’s, collecting Hot Wheels, and listening to music. His great sense of humor and laughter will be missed. Larry Thomas was an inspiration to his friends and family, facing the struggles of his long-term illness with dignity and grace. Many speak of his character, his courage and his strength. To his family and his close friends he was a hero.

Larry was proud of his service to his country in the Army: as an honor graduate of The United States Defense School in Hawk missile launching and maintenance, and for his time served in Fulda Wildflecken, Germany. Many will remember him from his youth at the YMCA, his jobs in the wholesale nursery supply industry and driving a truck to deliver product for United Pipe.

Larry made many friends during his life spent in Salem and spoke fondly of his experiences and the people he met along the way. Larry was a Christian man with great love for the Lord. In his last years he was prayerful and full of faith, going by his middle name for ‘doubting Thomas.’ He enjoyed worshiping at both St. Vincent Church and Morningside, ‘the singing church’ in Salem.

Larry was deeply respectful and thankful to those who tended his medical care and would want to personally thank them for their dedication and bright spirits.

Larry Thomas was very proud of, and deeply loved, his son, Jared. He shared great companionship and was tenderly cared for by Debra Paynter and loved by her children Victor, Teagan and Greyson. Also surviving Larry is his wife Tamra Blume of Salem, who with great character supported him through his illness and death. Still living are his sister Megan Blume of Carbonado, Washington and Star Blume formerly of Salem, including one nephew and three nieces. Sadly, both of his brothers — Stephen Dale Blume and David Blume — preceded him in death.

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