Memorial Spaceflights

Ove Germund Anderson

"'You have to be curious' - O.G.A."
1949 - 2019

I do not know how to put into words a short bio for this man. Ove Anderson and I were together for 51 years and he was a multi-faceted guy.

Besides being a wonderful son, husband, father, grandfather (Morfar) to two adorable girls, brother, in law, uncle, and friend; he had so many additional interests in his life.

He came to the U.S. in 1959 from far northern Sweden at the age of ten. He remained so proud of his Swedish heritage while also loving the United States. Born on a farm that was in the family since the 1600s, he brought his love of nature here to the U.S. He loved to hike and explore.

He excelled at his job as a VP for a worldwide logistics company. His love of history was endless, and he felt it was so important to look back at history, so we did not repeat the same mistakes from the past.

He loved playing music as a bassist with his band for many years, take bike rides, photography, talk politics, travel, he could fix anything, designing and building a beautiful kitchen for me, loved his Tesla, and SpaceX.

Space was an interest that never dimmed for him. He read and watched everything about space. On our first date, we parked in front of my parent’s house and talked for two hours about space; he pointed out to me what everything was up there. I imagine my mom was looking out the window ready to come down and twist his ear. I am sure she was thinking what the heck are they doing for two hours in a tiny bug-eyed Sprite!

Ove was such an interesting person. All those interests made him a good human.

When our 10-year-old granddaughter heard he was not going to make it, she cried and said there is so much more we wanted him to teach us.

One of the things he dreamed of was space travel and he told me many times that one day he wanted to go. After he passed, my daughter found on his phone that he was viewing Celestis Memorials and we felt it was a sign of what he wanted.

So, sweetheart, it is our honor to give you your wish.  Soar, and we will all be watching. Te amo.

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