Memorial Spaceflights

Roselyn J. Lisle

"Your Turn To Launch Rose!"
1956 - 2012

Born in Campbellford, Ontario, Rose was raised on a farm by her parents, Robert and Tine, and with her three sisters, Stephanie, Joanne and Melanie.

In high school, one of Rose’s teachers introduced her to model rocketry, and she soon became very interested in rocketry and space exploration. In her later years she joined the North American Propulsion and Aerospace Society, a Toronto based club that enjoys flying high powered rockets in Canada and the US. She was very meticulous in building and flying her rockets, and always enjoyed helping others in their quest to reach new heights.

Rose spent most of her working life in building electronics, first for a camera company where she developed a love for photography, then for a company that makes microscopic locators and transmitters for wildlife, which she adored.

But rocketry and photography were not her only interests. She enjoyed cooking, amateur radio, gardening, poetry, music, radio controlled helicopters, fireworks, rollerblading and watching hockey. She put 100% into everything she did, and had an insatiable desire for learning.

Rose was dedicated to everyone in her life. Family, friends, her surviving spouse, Bob, and her cat, Whisper.

She was a very private person, but touched the lives of many people. Everyone who knew her loved her. She was sympathetic, kind and supportive, qualities that everyone should strive to have. She taught us to be patient and to be tolerable of others. She taught us to follow our dreams. It doesn’t matter what other people might think, you must be true to yourself.

The world has lost someone special in her passing.

Fly high Rose


there’s a Whisper of white in her fur
with claws that teeth compare
softly reaching tenders touch
as the long night’s dark eyes
keep watch where sleepers
lie passive on creation’s cloak
booming firm, the heavens crept
for her in shades drawn pale
pads of supple living leather
patter a carpet heart sound
content spent sitting slept
rejecting pure pedigree
an intimate anachronism
poised on the edge of being
suitor persecutions
at the window
horning the midnight hour
wistful watchers
who still can’t see
that the best and most
beautiful poetry
takes form just out of reach

Rose Lisle


Dear Rose,

We’re all assembled
We’ve come to honor you
To share some memories
And express our gratitude

You were a great example
Of the best way one can live
Your generous, loving spirit
Was a daily gift you did give

And we knew that we were privileged
To know someone so dear
You shared our lives and yours too
Our true friend throughout the year

You took each day and challenge
Exactly as it came
You worked so hard every day
Even despite the pain

Rose, although we were only
Together for a short while
You had courage and determination
And we will never forget your smile

And every day we are at work
We will look up into the sky
See the rockets you loved so much
They will give you one last chance to fly

Kathy Boles


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