Memorial Spaceflights

The Celestis Launch Manifest


Updated November 2, 2020

Celestis — the iconic pioneer and still the only proven provider of memorial spaceflight services in the world — has several memorial spaceflights scheduled for liftoff. Here is the Celestis launch manifest:

Celestis Launch Manifest

Learn more about these upcoming Celestis Memorial Spaceflights. Please note that launch dates often change for a variety of reasons inherent in spaceflight. Please check this launch schedule periodically for the latest launch news. We update this webpage as soon as launch news develops.

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The experience of witnessing the launch of your departed loved one into space is beyond description: It is exciting, fulfilling and emotionally moving, to say the least. As one of our clients put it after we launched her father, "This has been soooooooo much fun! I'm so glad my father was able to be a part of this historic mission."

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