Memorial Spaceflights

Robert Ronald Hahn

"I enjoy seeing the world!"
1939 - 2000

Come fill the cup, and in the fire of Spring
The Winter garment of repentance fling.
The Bird of Time has but little way to fly
And Lo, the Bird is on the wing.

His favorite verse from his favorite poem,
"The Rubiat of Omar Kayam"

Hahn was born and spent his childhood in Emmett, Idaho, a small country town, where he did country-boy things and attended Emmett High School. Early on he decided there were far too many "Bob's" in the world and chose to be addressed as "Hahn."

He graduated from the University of Idaho, Moscow, as an Architect and became a member of the American Institute of Architecture (AIA), licensed to practice in Idaho, Oregon and Washington. He lived his dream, creating a new and better world with each architectural project. Downtown Portland, Oregon is crowded with his works and there are quite a few in Boise and Nampa, Idaho as well.

Hahn loved to travel. He lived in the French Quarter of New Orleans for a while and spent time in the Caribbean as well. He had hoped to travel all around the world once he retired. That portion of his dream is fulfilled with this launch into outer space. He would have been delighted and amused to know the company he now keeps in his travels.

A serious Romantic, Hahn worked hard at having fun. About 25 years ago he was introduced to role-playing and costuming in the form of Middle Eastern Dance, Science Fiction Conventions, and medieval re-creation with the Society for Creative Anachronism. He loved to dress up and owned 7 or 8 tuxedos as well as his costumes and was known for his hats. He really got into each character and had quite a few. No bio of him could be complete without mentioning these characters.

Hahn's parents, Ralph Charles Hahn and Edith Collard Hahn, have preceded him in death. He is survived by his elder brother and sister-in-law, Charles Richard Hahn and Margaret Irene Hahn and their children, and by his Life Partner of 25 years, YaLeah, and her children. He had no children of his own.

Hahn was fun and funny, knowledgeable and worth knowing, thoughtful and thought provoking, loving and well loved. He was a good friend with many friends.

He lives on in us all.

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